Get Immediate Medical Care for These Accidental Injuries

Whether you were hurt by an auto crash, slip and fall, or other accident, being injured sends you into a state of confusion. You might not feel extensive pain, but you can probably tell that your body endured significant trauma. Under the circumstances, the first questions that cross your mind are whether you need medical care and where to go for treatment. While the Mayo Clinic description on the differences between emergency rooms and urgent care facilities may guide you on one issue, you might be stumped about the other. 

The conundrum is a common one, since many accident victims may hesitate when they are not sure about the nature of their injuries. On this point, you should definitely seek immediate medical care for the following injuries so you can get on the path to recovery quickly. Plus, your decision making on treatment could affect your rights for reasons a Miami personal injury lawyer can explain in more detail.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Because they can be serious even without prominent symptoms, medical care is essential if you suffered a head injury. If you lost consciousness because of the accident, urgent treatment is even more important to assess the full extent of your head injuries.
  • Excessive Bleeding: Some minor cuts might heal on their own, but deeper lacerations and puncture wounds require medical treatment to stop excessive bleeding. Plus, some wounds could lead to nerve damage, so you might need surgery.
  • Severe Burns: Serious burn injuries can be excruciating, providing you reason enough to get immediate medical care for pain management. You should also head for treatment if the burns affect your eyes, ears, or major joints, or if the injuries cover a large percentage of the body.
  • Disabling Injuries: Some types of trauma affect primary bodily systems, extremities, or your senses, potentially leading to permanent disability. Injuries to your fingers, hands, feet, legs, spine, eyes, or other areas require immediate medical treatment.
  • Prompt Medical Care Protects Your Health and Your Rights: The most obvious reason to get immediate medical treatment is so you can get an exact diagnosis of your injuries and start the healing process. Waiting could aggravate your condition and prolongs the amount of time you will be in pain. However, visiting an emergency room, urgent care center, or your own primary care physician is also important for your legal rights. Delays in seeking treatment send a message to the insurance company when you are filing an injury claim AND to potential jurors in a lawsuit: Your injuries were not bad, otherwise you would have gone to a doctor right away. You can be sure that this point will affect your monetary damages.

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