Former Boca Raton Chef Sexually Assaulted Fellow Chef, Put Veggies In Pants Before Serving Them to Customers

MIAMI, FL— November 7, 2011 – A lawsuit alleging sexual assault and other defilements is pending against Morton’s Steakhouse in Boca Raton, NBC Miami reported. The ex-Morton’s chef being represented in the lawsuit not only accused some of his former coworkers of sexually assaulting him on the job, but also claimed management witnessed and allowed a chef to place vegetables in his underwear before serving the potentially soiled food to customers.

According to a civil lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County on Oct. 3, plaintiff Reggie Williams claimed Morton’s Steakhouse management witnessed Morton’s kitchen staff members verbally and physically abuse other employees at the Boca Raton restaurant on several occasions, though nothing was done to stop the harassment.

For instance, the lawsuit alleges former employee Edmond Bleus would not only verbally abuse the men he worked with, he would try to kiss and grab their genitals as well. Bleus is also accused of sticking stalks of asparagus in his pants to make it seem like he had an erection and then serving that asparagus to unwary customers.

The suit contended Morton’s Steakhouse management stood by and observed the heinous acts, but never reported them or attempted to stop them from continuing.

Williams quit his job as a chef after Bleus followed him into the restaurant’s cooler and allegedly sexually assaulted him. The lawsuit claims Bleus undressed himself from the waste down before seemingly attempting to rape the plaintiff.

Although Chicago-based Morton’s Steakhouse would not comment on the case, spokesman Roger Drake stated, “Morton’s is firmly committed to providing a safe and harassment free environment for all of its employees and patrons. In the event that any Morton’s employee acts contrary to our policies, Morton’s takes immediate and appropriate steps to rectify the situation. Morton’s also adheres to the highest industry standards in regard to food safety and food service.”
The South Florida sexual assault case is underway.

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