A CSX train derailed yesterday killing two 19 year old women and demolishing several automobiles below the track. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, officials have reported that the derailment took place around midnight in Ellicott City Maryland. The CSX coal train was on route from West Virginia to Baltimore when it derailed, leaving horrifying sounds on and off its tracks. Witnesses claimed that the sound of screeching brakes were frightening and indicative of the disaster to follow. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48745179
Although, the exact cause of this CSX train derailment is yet to be determined, typically train wrecks occur as a result of crew error like miscommunication or improperly maintained tracks. These unfortunate circumstances can lead to a train’s wheels literally jumping off their tracks. According to CSX spokesman, Bob Sullivan, the train which was traveling from Grafton, W. Va. to Baltimore consisted of two locomotives and weighed 9,000 tons. “The first 21 cars of the 80-car train derailed”. In this instance, the CSX train was actually transporting 190 pounds of coal which spilled into the Palapsco River. This tragic train wreck resulted, not only in a loss of human lives, but affects the sea life in the river, as well. As a result, economic issues lie ahead, for all those involved. Reports have been made that the acidity in the water could become seriously elevated, threatening the aquatic life in the river. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/22/india-train-crash_n_1534939.html
This kind of accident is all too familiar to attorneys like Philip M. Gerson at Gerson & Schwartz, PA. Having had experience dealing with CSX in the past for railroad accident cases, Gerson is aware of the difficulty involved in pursuing cases against railroad companies like CSX Transportation. “We need to understand the facts and deal with the people involved on a personal, human level, he said, from his office in Miami, Florida.

The event data recorder will likely provide investigators with important information about how the train was being operated, prior to this accident. A thorough investigation of all inspection records for this particular line of track are required, in order to determine whether or not the track malfunctioned. There is a high likelihood that the cause of this derailment was due to the way the locomotive was being operated and whether or not the tracks were properly maintained. Other accident causes can be due to the amount of cargo being hauled, the train speed, and operator error.

Coincidentally, Gerson, a board certified personal injury attorney, is currently litigating a pending case against the CSX railroad company. In Gerson’s case: on February 8, 2007 there was a massive collision between a train and a car , killing one man and severely injuring several others .Those involved in this CSX catastrophe should hire an experienced personal injury attorney, as soon as possible. A full investigation should begin immediately. The National Transportation Board will also conduct their own investigation , but the results of that investigation will take months to be determined. The families of these two college students deserve fair and just representation for their losses.

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