Costa Concordia Accident is Inexcusable

The cruise ship accident this past weekend aboard the Costa Concordia is inexcusable. With modern technology including sonar and GPS which average people have in their cell phones and recreational boaters almost universally use it is extraordinary and gross negligence for a professional sea captain, with thousands of lives in his hands to make errors which would cause a cruise ship with state of the art navigational tools, run aground. What is even more remarkable about this cruise ship accident is that this could happen in familiar waters just hours from one of the major cruise ports in the world. It is criminal that a captain would leave defenseless passengers and crew behind to avoid injury to himself.

This catastrophe aboard the Costa Cruises vessel (Costa Concordia) which is a parent company of Carnival Corp., should be a call for action to the International maritime community to implement strong sanctions and more stringent regulations for safety measures to protect lives and property at sea from incompetent operations by cruise lines. Gerson & Schwartz, PA has the experience and expertise to pursue justice for those who may have been injured in this and other cruise ship accidents. If you or a loved on are in need of assistance contact one of our maritime personal injury lawyers at 305-371-6000 or via email at

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