Construction Workers Injured on Job

Miami Fire Rescue was called to an apartment building that is under construction to help two workers who were injured on the job. WSNV News reports that the construction workers weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. The construction crew was lifting plywood off of a landing on the second floor using a crane and nylon strapping. The nylon strap failed as they lowered the load down and the wood fell onto the two men.

The plywood weighed nearly 300 pounds. The weight of the wood made it necessary to use a crane to lift it off of the men. Both men had injuries to their heads, necks and backs and were taken to Ryder Trauma Center. Miami Fire Rescue said that the men were in stable condition and were expected to recover.

Dangers of Construction Work
As the construction of new buildings continues to increase in Florida, the rate of construction accidents increases with it. Construction work has long been recognized as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Workers routinely use power tools, heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Furthermore, they work in a variety of dangerous environments, including busy roadways, high-rises and underground.

The most common causes of injuries are falls, slips and accidents involving equipment. For every 100,000 workers, about 18 are killed annually. There are several stories of workers finishing a shift and starting to walk off the site—no longer mindful of site dangers, because they have punched out—when they slip or are cut by a piece of machinery and receive serious injuries.

Although OSHA regulates the construction industry heavily, most injuries result from violations of those regulations. This is particularly devastating for construction employees. If they have made construction work their career, their injuries may be financially devastating. Back and neck injuries can cause constant pain that becomes worse when they work. This often means that construction workers who are injured cannot return to the job. They may lose their incomes and face ongoing medical bills.

If you have been injured on a construction site, it is important to contact an experienced attorney to assess your options. Obtaining a little extra compensation can go a long way toward helping you adjust to life after a workplace injury. At Gerson & Schwartz, we have been practicing law in Miami for more than 40 years. For a free initial consultation, contact us at (877) 475-2905.

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