Car Crashes Off Interstate

Early Saturday, August 3 2013, morning a car heading northbound on interstate 95 crashed over the side of the elevated highway according to NBC Miami. When fire rescue arrived at the scene they had to pull one woman from the wreckage that landed in nearby trees. The other woman tragically had already died after being thrown from the car. Apparently, the car spun out of control after slamming into the median and continued on a trajectory that flung the car over the edge of the interstate. Although the exact cause of the accident is unknown, it is currently being investigated by the Highway Patrol.

Unfortunately, horrible car accidents like this one occur all too often. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, no matter how severe, you can count on accident attorneys Philip M. Gerson, Edward S. Schwartz and Nicholas I Gerson to help you through the legal ramifications. They are experts in personal injury cases with specialization in car accidents as well as maritime law. It is always best to operate a vehicle while completely sober and to stay focused on the road. Checking in all of your mirrors frequently will keep you aware of your surroundings should another car with a dangerous driver approach your driving path. Being aware of other drivers’ around you is imperative to driving defensively and may save your life.
Always have an escape route planned. This way if a dangerous driver is close to hitting your car, you can quickly and easily move out of harm’s way. Often times, driving in the center lane is a good solution for this as it allows for lateral movement in either direction.
Always wear your seatbelt. It saves lives. Likely, in this recent car crash, the woman that was thrown from the car was not strapped in and the one who was still alive and rescued most likely was wearing her seatbelt. There is a good reason it’s the law.
Even if there wasn’t another car involved in an accident a Miami car accident lawyers can help. A qualified Miami car accident lawyer understands how to work with insurance companies for the best outcome for their clients. The Miami accident attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz, PA have years of experience representing complex personal injury and wrongful death cases. For more information on they can help contact the personal injury law offices of Gerson & Schwartz PA for a free consultation.

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