Car Accident Killing One and Critically Injuring 4 Others while Waiting for a Bus

According to the Miami Herald, a woman lost her life after a man recklessly drove his car into a Miami Gardens bus bench yesterday around 4 pm. 4 other people were seriously injured while waiting for the bus at Northwest 199th Street and Second Avenue. The driver who was speeding lost control of his vehicle and literally plummeted directly into the bus bench without even breaking.

One woman, Delia Tafur, wound up having both of her legs amputated. A second woman Wendy Vaszuez, 44, endured severe trauma to the head. Mary Smith, died at the scene, and two teenagers, ages 16, suffered fractures throughout their entire bodies. The name of this driver is still unknown and an investigation is pending. It will be interesting to find out if this driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or what is past driving record reveals about him.

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