3D-Printed Prosthetics Offer Hope to Miami Car Accident Amputees

You probably cannot imagine living without an arm, leg, or hand after losing a limb in an accident, but there are many people in Florida and nationwide who face challenges every day due to amputation. The Amputee Coalition reports that nearly 2 million individuals live with limb loss in the US, almost half of which suffered their injuries through auto crashes, truck collisions, motorcycle accidents, and other related trauma. Another 185,000 amputations add to that total every year, and more than 83,000 of them are linked to personal injury accidents. 

Sadly, many leg amputees have limited options for artificial limbs; the prosthetics that are available can be extremely expensive, impractical, and unattractive. However, there is hope if you or a loved one lost a limb: The latest advancements in 3D printing are now producing the next generation of prosthetic legs. In some cases, you may even qualify for compensation to cover the costs, and a Miami catastrophic car accident injuries lawyer can explain in more detail. An overview of 3D printed prosthetics may also be useful.

Lower Cost Makes 3D Printed Prosthetics Accessible

The cost of a standard prosthetic leg can reach up to $5,000 or more, though expenses over a lifetime could hit more than $50,000 for replacements and repairs. Even when insurance and public assistance programs cover some of these amounts, many amputees go without because of the high price tag; other individuals will only invest in basic models or cannot afford specialty prosthetics for certain activities.

3D printing makes it possible to produce prosthetic legs and related devices for far less, even as low as $100 for developers with advanced solutions. For individuals who suffered amputation in a Miami car accident, the lower price means you can invest in multiple prosthetics based upon your needs.

Other Benefits of 3D Prosthetics for Amputees

Aside from cost, one of the biggest limitations for traditional prosthetic legs has been customizing them for a person’s activities and lifestyle. Standard models are typically not suitable for recreation, nor are they adaptable once produced. 3D printing offers solutions to these issues:

  • Companies are manufacturing specialized prosthetic legs for individuals who enjoy cycling, running, and other outdoor recreation.
  • Those who enjoy swimming can order a waterproof 3D printed prosthetic leg that is actually “hydrodynamic” – i.e., designed to move through water smoothly and create propulsion.
  • For many amputees, a prosthetic is an extension of the body that deserves attention from a design point of view. 3D printing allows you to add creative elements to make the prosthetic more attractive.

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Prosthetics produced through the 3D printing process show promise and provide hope for leg amputees, but it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to ensure you receive fair compensation for your costs – as well as other losses you suffer as the victim of an auto collision. For more information, please contact Gerson & Schwartz, PA to schedule a free consultation at our offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, FL.

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