2 Cruise Ship Collisions Call Passenger Safety Into Question

Two separate cruise ship collisions in February 2019 raise questions regarding passengers’ safety. First, a cruise ship collides with a port in San Juan, Puerto Rico and next, a cruise ship captain loses control and collides with another vessel at port. Both ships report that no passengers were injured. However, collisions between such large vessels have the potential to be devastating. If you are injured in a cruise ship collision with another vessel or object, do not hesitate to contact our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz P.A. You can reach us through our online form or call (877) 475-2905 to schedule a free consultation.

Norwegian Epic Collides With San Juan Port

On February 9, the Norwegian Epic left Port Canaveral, Florida for the British Virgin Islands. The ship then allegedly lost power in one or two engines, which reduced the vessel’s speed. This required the ship to diver to San Juan, Puerto Rico. When it finally arrived in San Juan, the ship struck the pier, collapsing a portion of the dock. Thanks to social media, many were aware of the Epic’s power failure and collision right away. There are several videos of the vessel colliding with and collapsing the dock.

No injuries were reported on the ship. According to Norwegian, all services onboard the ship were operational throughout the cruise. The vessel remained in San Juan overnight before departing.

Cruise Ships Collide in Buenos Aires Port

On February 20, the MSC Orchestra and the MSC Poesia collided in the port in Bueno Aires, Argentina. Like with the Epic’s collision with a dock, there are videos posted to social media. You can see and hear one vessel collide with the other, and debris can be seen falling into the water. The Orchestra is the vessel that lost control as it attempted to leave the port and collided with the stationary Poesia. The collision is currently under investigation by MSC.

Thankfully, no passengers or crewmembers were injured in the collision. However, it is concerning for a captain to lose control of a vessel when leaving a port—a standard process captains must maneuver several times during a cruise.

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